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The ALSPAC data resource

The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), also known as Children of the 90s, is a world-leading birth cohort study, charting the health of 14,500 families in the Bristol area. You can find full information about the cohort here

For more than two decades clinic and questionnaire data has been collected from the participants.

This search tool is a quick and abridged version of a much more extensive data dictionary. You can find a lot more detail about these data here

The variable search tool

Use this website to search through the variables, obtain their identifiers and the number of records with that measure

You can use download lists of selected variables. For direct users, this can be used to extract variables directly. Alternatively, add this list to your data request form to specify the data that you require.



Child-based Deprivation Indices & urban/rural status:

  • January timepoints 2015-2021, collection timepoints for: F24, TD, TE, CCXE, CCXF, YPA, YPB, YPC, YPD, YPE, YPF, COVID1, COVID2, COVID3, and IMD2015 tied to all timepoints.

Serology 2 dataset:


COVID questionnaire data now available:

  • COVID1_Mum_1a - D1171_COVID1_G0Mum - The G0 mother's COVID1 questionnaire data (457 variables)
  • COVID1_G0partner_1a - D1270_COVID1_G0Dad - The G0 partner/father's COVID1 questionnaire data (457 variables).
  • COVID1_YP_1a - D1472_COVID1_YP - The G1 YP's COVID1 questionnaire data (459 variables).
  • COVID1_YPpartner_1a - D1473_COVID1_YPP - The G1 YP's partner's COVID1 questionnaire data (459 variables). Note that this dataset is not openly available due to low n, but researchers can request it - Please contact ALSPAC if you are interested in using this data.


Updates have been made to the following variable collections:

  • j_5a
  • CCT_1b
  • T_1c
  • n_r1b
  • h_6d
  • ta_2a
  • tc_2a


Updates have been made to the following variable collections:

  • Child_bloods_r3a
  • FOM4_2a
  • Father_metabolomics_1a
  • mum_metabolomics_2a


Updates have been made to the following variable collections:

  • Focus@7
  • Focus@8
  • Focus@9
  • Focus 10
  • Focus 11


New web application for searching through the ALSPAC phenotype collection

Freely browse available ALSPAC data by variable name


Use the search box to filter on keywords or terms. Click on rows to select those variables. Click the Download button to download a csv of the variables that you have selected.

If there is anything you cannot find, please consult the data dictionary or variables catalog . You can also get help from the team at .

Note: Sometimes the sample counts presented here will be inaccurate - consult the data dictionary data dictionary for accurate summary data for each of the variables

Note: High dimensional biological data including genetic variants, DNA methylation measures and gene expression measures are not included in this tool. You can find out more about sample availability here

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